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Bài tập sửa lỗi sai theo từng Unit Tiếng Anh 7 có đáp án giúp các em học sinh lớp 7 thành thạo kĩ năng xác định lỗi sai ngữ pháp trong từng câu. Nội dung tư liệu được HOC247 sưu tầm và trình bày rõ ràng theo từng Unit bài học giúp các em nắm bắt kiến thức khoa học. Hi vọng tài liệu sẽ có ích với các em.

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Chúc các em có kết quả học tập tốt!


I. Choose the underlined word or phrase (marked A, B, C or D) in each sentence that needs correcting.

1.Wecan choose(A) variousmeaning​(B)oftransport​(C)tomove to​(D)this city.

2. He shouldlearn(A)thetraffic rules​(B)carefully and strictlyfollowing​(C)themto protect​(D)himself.

3. She often suffersto(A)noise pollution​(B)because shelives​(C)near thecrowded streets​(D).

4.There(A)isabout​(B)2km​(C)from my schoolto​(D)the post office.

5. Hewas used(A)to goon​(B)a picnic with his grandpawhen​(C)hewas​(D)young.

6. My motheris teaching(A)me howto swim​(B)wellbecause​(C)she used tobeing​(D)a swimmer.

7. My fatherused not(A)tosee​(B)anelectric​(C)bicycle many yearsago​(D).

8.My grandfather​(A)used torode​(B)a water buffalowhen​(C)helived​(D)in a small country.

9.In spite​(A)being a famous star, hewasn"t​(B)recognizedwhen​(C)appearing​(D)at her party.

10. They willhave​(A)a great time in Nha Trangby​(B)a lot ofseafood​(C)andmany​(D)interesting.

II. There is one mistake in each sentence. Underline and correct the mistake.



1. We didn’t used to have a colorful TV, but we do now.

2. When my baby sister is younger, she didn’t use to eat pizza.

3.It’s about 500 meters at my house to school.

4. On my way home get school, I sometimes see a train pass by.

5. Did he use to crying all night when his father died.

6. Laura was taking off her coat and sat down.

7. While we were on holiday, we were spending most of our time sightseeing.

8. Paul listened to his i
Pod, so he didn’t hear the doorbell ring.

9. While we were having a picnic, it was starting to rain.

10. Helen was painting a picture when her mum was cooking.












I. Choose the underlined word or phrase (marked A, B, C or D) in each sentence that needs correcting.

1. Thereare(A)manyaction scenes​(B)in this film, so he finds it sogripped​(C)andattracting​(D).

2. Theyproduced(A)the film verywell(B), and it was basedin​(C)a real storyin(D)many years.

3. She likes (A)theopen(B) of the film becauseit​(C)is veryimpressive(D).

4.Although(A)the main charactersin(B)that film aren"t famous,but​(C)their performanceis(D)very good.

5.Despite of(A)the heavy traffic, shestill​(B)went to(C)the film companyin time(D)yesterday.

6.In spite ofawarded(A)a lotprizes(B)in his acting career, hetries to(C)challenge himself toachieve(D)more success.

7.The directorthought(A)the film would makesuccess(B)when it was shown.

Therefore(C), it didn"t attractaudiences(D)a lot.

8.When you seesigns(A)alongthe road​(B)such asa(C)"Left turning only", youmust(D)obey them

9. They were annoyingat(A)the young actor"s bad attitude behind the scene.

10.My parents(A)havean(B)intention oftravelling(C)in Japanon(D)the middle of November.

II. There is one mistake in each sentence. Underline and correct the mistake.



1. You should to obey the rules in the cinema by turning off your mobile phone.

2. Her teaching method is amazed. All the students like it.

3.Because there was an accident, everyone was fine.

4. What about go to the park on foot? - It is a good idea.

5. She performed well in this film. She received a lots of good comment from critics.

6. “When will you decide to get married with? - “With my boyfriend, Huy”

7. Despite the weather was bad, we had a good time.

8. I’d like to tell you some funny stories. But, I know you are busy

9. She got the highest score in her class although her illness.

10. “How do you go to school?” - “In abuses”












I. Choose the underlined word or phrase (marked A, B, C or D) in each sentence that needs correcting.

1.When(A)itraining​(B)Iusually go​(C)to schoolby bus​(D).

2.I(A)learneda lot of Japanese​(B)while​(C)Iam​(D)in Tokyo.

3. Ihave not​(A)been well​(B)since Ireturn​(C)home​(D).

4.I’ll(A)stayhere​(B)until​(C)will you​(D)get back.

5. When Sam wasin New York​(A),he stays​(B)with​(C)his cousins​(D).

6.Last night(A), Ihad gone​(B)to bedafter
I had finishedmy homework.

7. Iwill call(A)you​(B)before​(C)Iwill come​(D)over.

8.Ever since(A)Iwas​(B)a child, Ihad been​(C)afraid of​(D)dogs.

9. By the time Ileft(A)my apartmentthis morning​(B),someone​(C)looked for​(D)me.

10.Whenever(A)Markwill be​(B)angry, his nosegets​(C)red​(D).

II. There is one mistake in each sentence. Underline and correct the mistake.



1. People organizes the festival to pray for the better crop.

2. Those are Picasso well-known pictures.

3.The Flower Festival celebrated every year in Da Lat city.

4. In this city, people always shave turkey at Thanksgiving.

5. Rice is one of Vietnam’s main export.

6. When is your mother’s date of birth?

7. In spite of they were tired, they wanted to watch the film.

8. He didn’t used to be a doctor, he used to be a manager of a computer company.

9. There are less TV programs for teenagers than there are for adults

10. The distance from Hanoi to Can Tho is about 1.877 kilometre.












I. Choose the underlined word or phrase (marked A, B, C or D) in each sentence that needs correcting.

1.Theexhaust(A)exploitation of natural resources canresult​(B)in the badconsequences​(C)for the environment (D).

2. We can avoidto waste(A)clean water bysome(B)effective ways such as turningoff(C)faucetscarefully(D)after using them.

3.People canuse(A)wind or(B)hydro powerto(C)convertfrom(D)electricity.

4.Theywill beopening(A)aclean(B)power factorythis(C)timelast(D)month.

5.Shecancels(A)her flight to Japan at 9 p.m.tomorrow(B), so shewill be flying(C)atthat time​(D).

6. Someprestigious(A)scientistswill invite(B)to the meeting tomorrowto find(C)some solutions to theenvironmental(D)problems.

7. Air pollution will be increasedanymore(A)when(B)people apply cleanenergy resources(C)in many fieldsof(D)life.

8.Within(A)ten years, people will beused less fossil​(B)fuel andmore​(C)renewable​(D)energy.

9.Using solar energyinstead​(A)fossil fuelscan help​(B)reverse(C)the effects ofglobal warming(D).

10.Wind power(A)is clean,abundant​(B),widely(C)available, andenvironmental(D)friendly.

II. There is one mistake in each sentence. Underline and correct the mistake.



1.You can save the electricity by turn off the lights when not using them

2.He will clean his house at 9 am tomorrow.

3.My sister will be buying a house in the city center next year.

4. They will build a five-stars hotel on this street.

5. A solution for the environment problem will soon be finding by scientists

6.-What visitors attended the local festival last year? - Hundreds of them.

7. The burning of fossil fuels is harmful for the environment and public health.

8. Solar energy can convert into other forms of energy, such as heat and electricity.

9.Solar power is by far the more popular renewable energy source.

10. One of the ways you can save energy in your home are to use energy saving light bulbs.











1.Hehopes(A)he will become a pilot tosail(B)a planeto(C)manycountries(D).

2. She goes to the bakeryby(A)foot,but(B)sometimes shegoes(C)thereby(D)bicycle.

3. Ittakes(A)me fifteenminutes(B)going(C)to schoolby(D)bus.

4. Theyhope(A)the roadwill fix(B)soon(C)after(D)the heavy rain.

5. Shethinks(A)go by bicycleis(B)an effective wayto reduce(C)traffic jams andexhaust(D)fumes.

6.Renewable energy(A)is apractical solution of(B)ourelectricity(C)needs(D).

7.By increasing(A)renewable energy, we canreduce(B)air pollution andcutting(C)globalwarming emissions(D).

8.In sixyears" time(A), wewill be travelled(B)across town(C)byflying taxi(D).

9.Peoplefrom the countryside(A)move tocity(B)tofind work(C)and a betterstandard of living(D).

10.When youwere(A)a child, youused to go​(B)to schoolon​(C)foot,weren"t you​(D)?

II. There is one mistake in each sentence. Underline and correct the mistake.



1. Everyday I go to work by foot, but she goes to work by bus.

2. I think more people will be using public transportation in the future

3. I’m in a bus to Binh Dinh to join in a meeting there.

4. My brother will pedal his mo now heel to work at this time next week

5. Will we traveling in driverless and high-speed cars in the future?

6. I have seen that motorbike so far. It is his uncle.

7. I can see my new album here, and the nice pictures are it.

8. Friday night, a friend of our from college came up to see us.

9.Another Japanese city, Osaka, also has a very large population with 20.5 million.

10. The fewer furniture that you have in your bedroom, the bigger it will look.













1.The city leadersmadesuccess​(A)to reducerobbery(B),violent(C)traffic jams andunemployment(D)very well.

2.Theircity isdense(A)populated, and it maycause(B)somedifficult problems(C) in increasing the quality oflivingcondition(D).

3.Theimprovement(A) ofpeople"s livingwillhelp to(B) decreasepoor(C) inmountainous areas(D).

4.Therewill(A)befewer(B)green trees in the city than there used to bewhen(C)a newparkwill be built(D)next year.

5. There areless​(A)exhaustfumes(B) thanthere were(C) when cars are limited totransport(D)in rush hours.

6.She hasn"ttidied uphiskitchen(B)after(C) cooking,hasn"t(D) she?

7. Her father isn"tlistening(A) tonews(B) onthe(C) radio,does(D) he?

8.It is said(A)that the quality of atmosphereisn"t(B)goodfor(C)smoke and gases fromlots of(D)vehicles.

9.They lack(A)goodphysics(B)tocure(C) dangerous diseasesin thearea(D).

10.Perhaps(A) she won"t bedriven(B) to visit her friendthis time(C) next weekbecause of(D) the prediction of the bad weather.

Tìm lỗi sai Tiếng Anh

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Bài tập sửa lỗi sai Tiếng Anh lớp 7

Bản quyền thuộc về thptngoquyenhcm.edu.vn nghiêm cấm mọi hành vi sao chép vì mục đích thương mại

Choose the underlined part A, B, C or D that needs correcting

1. Frank has done(A) his homework (B) and then listened (C) to music (D).

13. Less(A) than thirty children (B) each year develop (C) the disease (D).

14. Your father used (A) to drink (B) coffee every morning (C), usedn’t (D) he?

15. Forest areas(A) are destroy (B) to make space (C) for new houses (D).

Xem đáp án

1. A (has done => had done)

2. B (bought => were bought)

3. A (considers => is considered)

4. B (when => while)

5. A (will be taken => will be taking)

6. A (put => putting)

7. C (must => mustn’t)

8. B (see => saw)

9. C (have => having)

10. B (bigest => biggest)

11. C (informations => information)

12. B (convert => converted)

13. A (Less => Fewer)

14. D (usedn’t => didn’t)

15. B (destroy => destroyed)

Find the mistakes and correct

1. My brother and my sister doesn’t like playing board games.

2. Does Mr. and Mrs. Parker make pottery everyday?

3. Does bird-watching is Tom’s hobby?

4. How often you polish your car?

5. My friend don’t work in this company.

6. James live in Australia.

7. Are you get up early in the morning?

8. Does Sarah drives to work everyday?

9. Elena haves a beautiful smile.

10. What does the children do in their free time?

Xem đáp án

1. Sửa: doesn’t => don’t

My brother and my sister don’t like playing board games.

2. Sửa: Does => Do

Do Mr. and Mrs. Parker make pottery everyday?

3. Sửa bird-watching is => is bird-watching

Does is bird-watching Tom’s hobby?

4. Sửa How often you => How often do you

How often do you polish your car?

5. Sửa don’t => doesn’t

My friend doesn’t work in this company.

6. Sửa live => lives

James lives in Australia.

5. Sửa Are => Do

Do you get up early in the morning?

6. Sửa drives => drive

Does Sarah drive to work everyday?

7. Sửa haves => has

Elena has a beautiful smile.

8. Sửa does => do

What do the children do in their free time?

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